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Neonazi Flags in the United States

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Aryan Nations

[Aryan Nations flag] image by A.H., 26 October 1999

For reference, they call it the Aryan Nations Shield; but it is carried in parades in the form of a flag, and displayed like a banner as well.
A.H., 26 October 1999

In the newspapers and on television they are almost always shown with the four-color flag — sometimes attached to a pole at the left, and sometimes suspended from the top edge like a banner — which is always square. They also sometimes carry plastic or kevlar shields which are emblazoned with this image. The square sometimes has a border, which varies in color and width. Perhaps this denotes sub-groups?
A.H., 28 October 1999

Meaning of each element (edited for length and content):

  1. «The Crown: The symbol of »God's ...« sovereignty».
  2. «The Three Jewels of the Crown symbolize the » ... «perfection of the »Holly Trinity.
  3. «The Shield: A symbol of our Christian Faith »...
  4. «The Two-Edged Sword: A symbol of truth and »...« the instrument of His »...
  5. «The Revolving Resurrection Cross: Centered on the Sword of Truth, symbolizing the returning to righteousness of our Race »...
  6. «The Cross Of Jacob: »...« The Three bars on each of the four corners symbolize the Twelve Tribes of His Racial Nations »...
  7. «The Square: Outline symbolizes the Divinely appointed four-square formation and order »...
quoted by Marcus Wendel, 11 August 1999

Of course the whole arrangement is reminiscent of the well known Southern Cross flag, though this is not admitted in the interpretation above.
António Martins, 3 June 2000

Aryan Nations could by the way even be regarded as separatists since they want to create an “Aryan National State” in the northwestern USA.
Marcus Wendel, 13 August 1999

Black and White Version

[Aryan Nations flag] image by António Martins, 27 May 1998

I have seen that version used, but I have also seen the other one used far more often.
A.H., 26 October 1999

Number seven of the description above proves that the flag should be always square.
António Martins, 27 October 1999

I have seen them use the black and white version, always in the 2:3 proportions whenever I have seen it. It seems to be an older version, though. I saw the black and white flag first, quite some time ago, and the colored version appeared later. (Perhaps this is when they chose to attach meaning to the shape.) They rarely use the black and white version now though, so it has apparently been displaced by the colored square.
A.H., 28 October 1999

World Church of the Creator

[WCOTC flag] image by António Martins, 29 January 2003

A large neo-nazi organization in the USA is World Church of the Creator (WCOTC). There seems to be several variations of this flag. Some use a white halo and some use white instead of red in the crown. A few notes on the symbolism:

  • W - the White race
  • Crown - the White race as being “aristocratic”
  • Halo - the White race as being “sacred”
  • Red - the blood of the struggle (to advance the white race)
  • White triangle - the «whiter and brighter world» that will be the result of their struggle
(These guys are crazy!)
Marcus Wendel, 13 August 1999


[Crosstar flag] image by Marcus Wendel, 13 August 1999

The Arrow Cross is now used by the (white power) Crosstar movement who uses a white instead of black cross.
Marcus Wendel, 13 August 1999

White Power

White Power (U.S. Nazi Skins) uses a logo consisting of a white fist upwards on black.
António Martins, 27 May 1998


This "+-over-a-circle" charge is also used in the U.S. by some extreme right-wing racial supremacist groups, such as Stormfront.
Steve Kramer, March 1998