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Ogaden / Western Somalia (Ethiopia)

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[The flag of Ogaden]
image by Željko Heimer 15 December 2007

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The Ogaden Community ( uses this flag for Ogaden, describing it: "The flag of Ogaden consists of green, blue and red horizontal stripes with a pentagonal white star in the centre of the blue stripe. Green represents the fertility and richness of the land. Blue stands for the dignity and integrity of the people. Red symbolizes the continuity of the struggle for self-determination and freedom. The white star represents the commitment and unity of the people."
Gvido Petersons, 1 August 2003

Article in New York Times about the fight in Ethiopia with rebels in the Ogaden region In the accompanying slide show is a photo of a flag with caption: "An O.N.L.F. soldier shows the flag that would represent the Ogadeni as a separate country. The Ogaden lies on the border of Somalia and Ethiopia and the flag is a blend of the Somali and Ethiopian flags."
Lewis A. Nowitz, 15 December 2007


After the fall of the monarchy in Ethiopia and the take of power for the pro-soviet military leader Mengistu Haile Mariam, the other soviet allies in the zone, Siad Barre, try to occupy the Ethiopian territory of Ogaden (named for the Somali people of Western Somalia).

At this time I receive several documentation of the liberation movement named Western Somalia Liberation Front. The flag hoisted was in use sometime since the somali defeat on war (and some time after). (circa 1976-1978).

In 1979, after some political remove, the flag was changed.

In 1982 the reorganized group adopt new flag, taht include the black (for the defeat of 1978?). I dont know if is in use currently.

Another group is named Somalia-Abo Liberation Front. Their activity was important in the years 1978-1980.

Jaume Ollé 15 January 1997.

The flag of the WSLF (Western Somalia Liberation Front) is divided perpendicularly in green and red; in the middle a white star with five rays. A photo shows the star shifted a bit to the hoist (Inf. Le Figaro du 14.9.77; Basler Zeitung Nr. 213, 5-9-77). In the TV emission Rundschau Deutsche Schweiz of 11.8.77 one could see several flags of liberation movements and armies, which I couldn't identify. In the provinces Bale and Sidamo is, in connection with the WSLF another movement active, which calls itself ABO. Since a few days there is mention of an "Afar Liberation Movement (ALF), which operates in the desert region of Danakil, northeast of Addis Abeba, and in the province Awsa. It makes the connection between the WSLF and the Erythrean rebels. Zigiotto Turin mentions a flag divided blue over red; on the blue field to the hoist the figure of a white lady and to the fly several stars (probably in white).
According to a TV-emission of the ARD (Germany) of 20.7.77 entitled: 'Alone against the Greats' one saw the emblem of the ELPF, already depicted in the 6th Flaggemitteilung. Alongside it was the flag of the movement divided horizontally: top field dark, bottom light; a triangle at the hoist, dark colored, with a light (white) star.

Jaume Ollé 5 September 1999.

The Western Somalia Liberation Front flag in 1976

[The Western Somalia Liberation Front flag in 1976] by Jaume Ollé 15 January 1997

The Western Somalia Liberation Front flag in 1979

[The Western Somalia Liberation Front flag in 1979] by Jaume Ollé 15 January 1997

The Western Somalia Liberation Front flag in 1982

[The Western Somalia Liberation Front flag in 1982] by Jaume Ollé, 15 January 1997

The flag of the Somalia-Abo Liberation Front

[The flag of the Somalia-Abo Liberation Front] by Jaume Ollé 15 January 1997


[The flag of Western Somalia Liberation Front] by Peter Krembs 07 April 2002

Znamierowski [zna99] reports this (above) flag as being current (UN blue and tilted star).
Peter Krembs 07 April 2002